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Junior Match Play

At LOVEtennis we believe that children should be given the opportunity to put into practice what they learn in squads and private lessons.

This is why we regularly run Match Play sessions for players of all abilities.  Players find this relaxing and fun, which makes this a popular event. Everybody is welcome to participate, even if you are not a lovetennis player.


Importantly we make these sessions fun.  Parents are reminded to encouarage their children to approach these matches in a positive

way and to see it as a learning experience.  Winning or losing is nor the priority, but rather making sure that children learn to gain confidence in matches.


Sessions are running throughout the year to coincide with the Grand Slam Calendar for an extra bit of fun.  


-Each session costs £14

-Matches get submitted to the LTA

-Where possible, players are grouped to play against players of similar ability/rating.

-Pre-booking is essential

-Sessions can range from 1.5hrs - 2.5hrs







Match Play Dates

2016 dates available soon...

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